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Change the way to managing your respiratory condition.

alveofit® Home health

Gain control over your respiratory conditions and live symptom-free* life.

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Gaining control over symptoms starts with regular monitoring


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Keep tracking your lung function and share report with your provider.

Comprehensive lung function monitoring at home.

Clinical trialed highly accurate Bluetooth spirometer measures lung health from home.

Sample Report

*ATS/ERS Compliant report


Hospital grade accuracy at home

alveoair® for home-use provide hospital grade clinical accuracy at home. Measure your lung function anytime where.

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Become more aware with alveofit® Solutions

with alveofit® home health solution, become more aware and keep the track of events. Share this comprehensive report with care provider to help them deliver more quality and focus care.

Enable your patients to conduct spirometry from their home
Realtime insights
Gain access to real time progress made by patients.
alveoConnect® Integration

Seamless integration with alveoConnect®

alveofit® solutions are fully integrated with alveoMD® and alveoConnect® platform and help physician to draw meaningful insights about your progress and control.

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