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Most advanced technology to manage your lung conditions such as Asthma, COPD and associated conditions.

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Home health solutions

Make a Big Shift in your respiratory condition

alveofit® ecosystem allows you to easily and effectively manage your asthma and COPD. With help of inbuilt intelligent machine learning system that understands your triggers, symptoms, medication usage patterns based on which it can provide relevant insights to help you control your asthma better anytime anywhere.

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Clinical Practice Solution

Digitize your Clinical Practice with alveofit® Solutions

With alveoair® spirometer and clinical solutions, experience the easiest way to do spirometry in the clinic. Register and track an unlimited number of patients with the tap of a button and delivery quality care

Start now with alveoMD® care platform
Easy to Use
Screen your patients effortlessly.
Advanced options
with alveofit® platform explore Unlimited possibilities.
Advanced Respiratory disease management

Experience most advanced respiratory care management

We have built an ecosystem to deliver most care to help patients with respiratory conditions.

Digitize your pulmonary clinical practice and integrate with your existing EHR

Explore alveoMD® with alveoair® Spirometer
Hassle free Software
We have build most advanced solutions to equip your clinical practice with portable spirometry
Streamlined patient management
With the alveoair® digital spirometry solution experience the easiest way to screen, diagnose and manage. Tracking of unlimited patients is just a tap away.
Compliant with latest ATS/ERS standard
alveoair® spirometry solutions are compliant with most latest standard and forget the headache of latest compliances.
AI-ML supported technology Quality session
Our machine learning and artificial intelligent help you to find the errors in spirometry session and help patients to get the maximum efforts very easily
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Bring pocket size spirometer with clinical grade accuracy at home

Easy to use
We have made spirometry very easy with most advanced technology
Generate and share reports
You can share the spirometry reports with your care provider to help them delivery best care
Know your control
Our AI assisted tech help you to know your control over the symptoms and push you to gain maximum control.
Your personal respi assistant
alveofit® app, is not just a health app. It become your care companion to gain maximum control over the symptoms.
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Expand Your Clinic, Expand Your Reach

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Analytic Dashboards
alveoConnect® help to see the KPIs of your patient population
Draw important indices
Understand the disease prevalence, followup matrix and deeper insights to deliver quality care
Data Driven decisions
Understand the therapeutic response, disease progression at greater population level with meaningful insights
Integrated solution
alveoConnect® is already integrated with alveoMD® application and fetch the data real time from the field.
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5-Star Rated Product

Advanced spirometers combined with most powerful disease management tools.


One of the best device available in the market.
Personally using this on my clinic and the accuracy of this device is very good.

Dr. Nishant Kaushik

It is an excellent blue tooth enabled handheld device, the first from India and has an accuracy of 99 percent. It guides the patient reg his lung function status and the monitoring can guide the physician to initiate appropriate treatment for optimum results. I recommend it highly.

Dr. Kailash Gindodia

Very very helpful device for measuring lung performance at home for Asthma/COPD and post COVID-19 patients

Dr. Saurabh Tyagi
via google playstore

Highly portable GOLD standard spirometer

alveoair® is clinical trialed pocket size, GOLD standard spirometer for clinical practices and home care to measure most accurate lung function
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